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   Editors' Blog 2011 by . . .

Laura Runge
   Scholarship by
. . .

Claudia Thomas Kairoff

   • Danielle Bobker

   • Catherine Ingrassia

   • Katharine Kittredge

   Pedagogy by
. . .

   • Elizabeth Kraft

   New Media / Women on the
   Web by
. . .

Emily Bowles

   Book Reviews by
. . .

   • Jennifer Golightly

   • Holly Faith Nelson
   • Dometa Wiegand 


Editorial Staff


  Laura Runge, University of South Florida

Managing Editors:

  Jennifer Golightly, University of Denver
  Aleksondra Hultquist, University of Melbourne

Section Editors:

Kirsten Saxton, Mills College, Scholarly Editor
  Laura Runge, University of South Florida, Pedagogy Editor
  Anne Greenfield, Valdosta State University, New Media / Women on the Web Editor
Robin Runia, Angelo State University, Book Review Editor
  • Debbie Welham, University of Winchester, Notes and Discoveries Editor

Lead Web Builder:

  • Adrianne Wadewitz, Indiana University

Web Team:

  • Alaina Pincus, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Lexi Stuckey, University of Tulsa

Copy Editor:

Nicole Spottke, Valencia College

Editorial Board:

  • Karen Gevirtz, Seton Hall University, President of the Aphra Behn

Martha F. Bowden, Kennesaw State University
  • Julia Douthwaite, University of Notre Dame
  • Kathryn R. King, University of Montevallo
  • Devoney Looser, University of Missouri
  • Heather McPherson, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Jessica Munns, University of Denver

Founding, Former Editors:

  • Emily Bowles, Founding Editor, New Media / Women on the Web

  • Judy Hayden, Founding Editor, Book Reviews

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The organization that administers Aphra Behn Online.

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