Upcoming Eighteenth-Century Studies Programs

Portrait of Jane Fleming (1755-1824). (1778) by Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) Wikimedia Commons

Portrait of Jane Fleming (1755-1824) (1778)
Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792)
Wikimedia Commons

Keep an eye out for these upcoming eighteenth-century-related conferences and events in the United States and the United Kingdom:

  • The Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies at the University of York will hold the “Difficult Women in the Long Eighteenth Century: 1680-1730” conference on November 27 and 28, 2015. The eighteenth century was a time of profound change for women in the public sphere. Presenters explore these changes in panels including: “Relationships with Men,” “Material Culture,” “Female Sexuality,” “Artistic Representations,” “Influence and Identity,” “Mental Health,” “Education and Childhood,” and many more. View the full schedule at the Difficult Women Conference WordPress. Registration is free.
  • Christie’s Education is seeking papers for the organization’s July 2016 conference, “Creating Markets, Collecting Art: Celebrating 250 Years of Christie’s.” Proposals are due by December 7. The conference commemorates the founding of Christie’s auction house in 1766 and examines the evolution of “commerce, collecting, and the ‘academy'” from an interdisciplinary approach. Two sessions relevant to eighteenth-century studies may be of interest to ABOPublic readers. The first, “Christie’s and the Birth of the European Art Market” seeks to analyze the influence of Christie’s business practices on the eighteenth-century London art market as well as today’s global art market. The second, “Home Subjects: The Art Market and the Domestic Sphere in Britain,” will reassess the relationship between private modes of display and the art market in the eighteenth through early twentieth centuries. If you are interested in presenting, check the Christie’s website for more information about submitting a proposal.
Harpsichord by Andreas Ruckers (1578-1645), remodeled by Pascal Taskin (1723-1793) (1780) Wikimedia Commons

Harpsichord by Andreas Ruckers (1578-1645), remodeled by Pascal Taskin (1723-1793) (1780)
Wikimedia Commons

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