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Romantic Outlaws (Chapters 21-30): Motherhood, Literature, and Rebellion

Romantic Outlaws via popmatters.com

Chapters 21-30 of Charlotte Gordon’s Romantic Outlaws: The Extraordinary Lives of Mary Wollstonecraft and her Daughter, Mary Shelley examine the relationship between authors’ biographies and their fiction, their romances, and their partnerships. While this segment of the book includes deeply intriguing criticism regarding the writing process and the ideal romantic partnership, Gordon has several disconcerting…

Letters by Charles Austen: New Insights


The New York Times has featured eighteenth-century scholars Devoney Looser, professor of English at Arizona State University and also an ABO editorial board member, and Ruth Knezevich, doctoral candidate in English at the University of Missouri, in “Pride, Prejudice, Prostitutes and Pickles: Scholars Unearth Two Letters Relating to Jane Austen” by Jennifer Schuessler (10 February 2015) for…

Mary Davys, Playwright as Novelist

Frontispiece from Mary Davys’s The Northern Heiress [1716]Eighteenth-Century Collections Online

Mary Davys’s (1674-1732) conventional place in literary history is as an accomplished early novelist, known especially for The Reform’d Coquet (1724), Familiar Letters Betwixt a Gentleman and a Lady (1725), and The Accomplish’d Rake (1727). She wrote several other fictions, some of which she published in the early years of the eighteenth century and revised…