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The Dawning of Aphra Behn in “Or,”

Aphra Behn (1670)
By Sir Peter Lely (1618-1680)
Wikimedia Commons

Liz Duffy Adams‘s play Or, features Aphra Behn (1640-1689), Restoration-era poet, novelist, playwright, spy, and ABOPublic‘s namesake. The Third Rail Repertory is showing the play in Portland, Oregon through October 10th. The Dragon Productions Theatre Company will be showing Or, in Redwood City, California from October 2nd through October 25th. Or, takes place in a single evening during which Behn rushes to…

Mary Davys, Playwright as Novelist

Frontispiece from Mary Davys’s The Northern Heiress [1716]Eighteenth-Century Collections Online

Mary Davys’s (1674-1732) conventional place in literary history is as an accomplished early novelist, known especially for The Reform’d Coquet (1724), Familiar Letters Betwixt a Gentleman and a Lady (1725), and The Accomplish’d Rake (1727). She wrote several other fictions, some of which she published in the early years of the eighteenth century and revised…

Lady Parts: Aphra Behn’s Sir Patient Fancy, directed by Rebecca Patterson


Location: The Wild Project, Manhattan Event Date: March 5 – April 5, 2014 Review Date: April 3, 2014 With a talented all-female cast, The Queen’s Company brought Aphra Behn’s rollicking Restoration sex comedy to the contemporary stage, raising questions about gender and authenticity in the process. Of course, Sir Patient Fancy isn’t alone in featuring…