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Outlander, Season 2: Review of Episodes 12 and 13


In honor of the supersize Outlander finale, it’s a supersize review for ABOPublic. I’ll try to move briskly but we have a lot of ground (and time) to cover. While watching the final two episodes, “The Hail Mary” and “Dragonfly in Amber,” I was actually reminded of Episode 5 “Untimely Resurrection,” where Jack Randall marvels…

Outlander Season 2: Review of Episodes 4-5


Black Jack is back! There’s no point in burying the lede here. The return of sadistic Captain Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall is probably the most important event in the action-packed Episodes 4-5, “La Dame Blanche” and “Untimely Resurrection.” Outlander can have a tendency to move slowly, but I certainly can’t critique the brisk pacing of…

Poldark Recap Episode 2: My Sillibub Brings All The Boys To The Yard (But Not Ross)


This week’s episode of Poldark starts with Ross Poldark and his servant Judd talking about mining. “Tis in the blood,” as Ross’s father used to put it. This is cross cut with a montage of the Wheal Reath mine being closed by the evil Warleggans as they twirl their moustaches and tie damsels to train…