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Build Your Vocabulary with Huggable 18th-Century Favorites

Image via Cozy Classics

What are men to wool and needles? Brothers Jack and Holman Wang, the creative minds behind the Google Doodle for Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 148th birthday, are making eighteenth-century classics more huggable with their unique needle-felted adaptations. Their celebrated board book series, Cozy Classics, embraces well-loved titles like Emma, Les Misérables, and Jane Eyre as inspiration…

Emma takes the Stage: Jane Austen’s Emma, Directed by Jim Schneider


Location: Stage 772, Chicago, IL Event Date: April 18-May 25, 2014 Review Date: April 19, 2014 A friend of mine—a Victorianist turned librarian—once said to me “I can tell you study the eighteenth century because of how you emphasize Jane Austen’s satire over her romance.” At the time, I was ranting about how the2005 Kiera…