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Regency World Unleashed

Promenade Dress (1812)
Ackermann’s Repository of Arts
By Rudolph Ackermann

Consider yourself a connoisseur of all things Regency? Let us introduce you to public scholar and author, Candice Hern. She is not only a collector (owning about 40 volumes of the 4 most important magazines in the Regency period) but also an acclaimed bestselling author of historical romance novels set during the Regency era— when George IV acted…

Syllabus: Reinventing Literary History: Women and Culture

First-Year Seminar/Spring 2011 Course Description: Students in First-Year Seminars will develop their skills in critical reading and analysis, writing, and effective speaking.  They will assess and use textual evidence in support of oral and written arguments.  Finally, they will explore important issues through significant texts ranging across genres, disciplines, and historical periods.  The object of “Reinventing…