ABOPublic serves as a public scholarship forum for ABO, and features discussion of contemporary issues relevant to women and women’s issues in eighteenth-century studies. Our mission is to integrate public and academic interests through intersecting feminist perspectives on gender, sexuality, race, class, privilege, geography, politics, culture, and the arts.

ABOPublic publishes contributions in the following categories:

Bluestocking Salon

Bluestockings were public scholars who exchanged ideas in both published texts and in salons and assemblies frequented by men and women alike. In Bluestocking SalonABOPublic profiles eighteenth-century and twenty-first century female and feminist scholars and writers and their work. We also publish short articles on topics relating to our mission, but that do not fit comfortably into one of our other categories. Here, we hope to foster the same kind of intellectual excitement and exchange of ideas enjoyed by our predecessors.

The Eighteenth Century in Popular Culture

The eighteenth century provides unlimited fodder for twenty-first century entertainment. From films like The Duchess (2008) and Marie Antoinette (2006) to stage plays like Or, (2009) and historical fiction like Year of Wonders (2002), the ways that eighteenth-century women navigated their world resonate with our own cultural concerns. In The Eighteenth Century in Popular Culture we explore how and why the eighteenth-century continues to entertain while illuminating today’s politics of gender, sexuality, race, class, privilege, geography, culture, and the arts.

Public and Digital Pedagogy

Public and Digital Pedagogy is pedagogy that serves or engages the public, such as workshops for the public at libraries and other research institutions as well as interactive online pedagogical activities and services, e.g. The Grub Street Project. This section may also include public and new media pedagogical methodologies, although primary discussion of academic/classroom pedagogy will remain the purview our parent journal, ABO.

News and Discoveries

News and Discoveries features topical discussion of news and items of interest relating to 18th-century studies.

Ask Aphra

Aphra adores Universal Communication and encourages her wider Readership to comment upon the questions and Advice given (do see comment boxes below established for your correspondence convenience). Please send your Inquiries, dealing with the academic profession in all matters personal, research, teaching, service related, or otherwise connected in the Field, to askaphra.journal@aphrabehn.org.

ABO Pedagogy Share Archive

ABOPublic welcomes contributions from everyone. If you have an idea and would like to contribute to ABOPublic as a guest blogger, contact us at ABOPublic@aphrabehn.org.

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