Hamilton Digital Lottery Returns

Image via NPR

Image via NPR

Our favorite Broadway musical about love, power, and politics in eighteenth-century America is now on tour and we at ABOPublic are thrilled. Two weeks ago, Hamilton announced the return of its digital lottery, which means another shot for fans to hear their history books reimagined in a jazzy reprise.

The explosively popular new musical, written by and starring Lin-Manual Miranda, combines hip-hop, jazz, R&B ballad, and Britpop to narrate the life of Alexander Hamilton, while early American men and women alike spit their truths about their nation’s history. Hamilton made its public Broadway debut on August 6, 2015 and has since offered a daily lottery for $10 tickets, initially to devoted fans outside the Richard Rogers Theatre and later on the official Hamilton website. Like most Broadway productions, tickets to the critically acclaimed show are notoriously expensive. While we were sad to learn that the online lottery beginning January 4, 2016 was overwhelmed by visitors to the site and subsequently crashed, we are excited to share the news about its return for shows on Broadway (we can only hope that the lottery will find its way to other venues, by land or by sea). Regular tickets are sold out until November; but in the meantime, we wait for our chance to enjoy the show in person. If you are one of the fortunate few to already have tickets in your possession, consider sharing your enthusiasm for the show in a review for ABOPublic

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