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Aphra Behn by John Riley (1646-1691) Wikimedia Commons

Aphra Behn
by John Riley (1646-1691)
Wikimedia Commons

Dear Aphra,

I have an MLA job interview coming up and I’m not sure what to wear. I’ve heard I should dress “professionally,” but I’m not comfortable in a suit, skirts, or heels. Do I need to go and buy an interview suit?




It is ever our opinion that Professional Attire is the best attire, but especially for the illustrious of our Sex, that determination can be daunting. With so many options from Mantua Makers and Macy’s alike, what does one wear? Antipodea recommends comfort above all—this is not to say that Dishabille is appropriate—but, the Attire should fit your Personality and provide that much needed confidence boost so crucial in such high pressure situations. If you are most comfortable in a Suit and Heels, then by all means, wear a Suit and Heels. If such a Costume would make you quake rather than shine, then adjust accordingly. If you wear Jewels regularly, then pull out your best. If you prefer Flats to Heels, then shine up your favorite or purchase a new pair; do not wobble in because you were told it is more appropriate—the interviewer will see the wobble over the footwear. One should be neat, clean, well groomed, and comfortable: pressed Slacks and tailored Shirts, Suits, and tailored Dresses are always acceptable. Pilled Sweaters, scuffed Shoes, and Stains of any sort are certainly not. We suggest your pulling a few Favorites out, and trying each on with a fresh twist: Accessories should evoke your Personality. Surely a companion of the fair Sex might agree to advise you on which Costume is most flattering, and most importantly, most you.

Appropriately yours,


Aphra Behn

Aphra Behn

Aphra Behn is a pseudonym for ABOPublic. This is not the real Aphra Behn—she died in 1688, and the world hasn't been the same since!
Aphra Behn

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