Amarin Young

Amarin is an editorial assistant for ABOPublic at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She likes it when literature gets fuzzy.

Move Over, Downton: Louis XIV Returns in Versailles with One Reign to Rule Them All

louis xiv

In March, Downton Abbey set its last table, rang its last bell, and gave its memorable chandelier a final gentle dusting. After six seasons of laughter, heartbreak, and satisfying one liners from the unshakeable Maggie Smith, Crawley and Co. bid us goodnight. But devoted friends of the series need not resort to full mourning over the…

Build Your Vocabulary with Huggable 18th-Century Favorites

Image via Cozy Classics

What are men to wool and needles? Brothers Jack and Holman Wang, the creative minds behind the Google Doodle for Laura Ingalls Wilder’s 148th birthday, are making eighteenth-century classics more huggable with their unique needle-felted adaptations. Their celebrated board book series, Cozy Classics, embraces well-loved titles like Emma, Les Misérables, and Jane Eyre as inspiration…

Hamilton Digital Lottery Returns

Image via NPR

Our favorite Broadway musical about love, power, and politics in eighteenth-century America is now on tour and we at ABOPublic are thrilled. Two weeks ago, Hamilton announced the return of its digital lottery, which means another shot for fans to hear their history books reimagined in a jazzy reprise. The explosively popular new musical, written by…