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Aphra Behn by John Riley (1646-1691) Wikimedia Commons

Aphra Behn
by John Riley (1646-1691)
Wikimedia Commons

I have ever thought the asking of Advice to be one of the most satisfactory Ways in which to communicate Joys and Fears of my life and, by so doing, to benefit the Knowledge and Wealth of the World and avoid the Mistakes of others. To this end, I have gathered an assembly of amiable personages to discuss the possible Pitfalls, serious Distresses, and minor Confusions which surround the world of eighteenth-century Academia. Flora, who divides her time between the bounties of Nature in the tropical world and the study of Books, has devoted nearly two decades to work in this Field and has a fount of Advice to share. The next goes by the name Antipodea, a woman of international Perspectives and multiple Accomplishments, whose experience on two Continents offers Wisdom from the wide World. Another, Arabella, expands her rural Society through Correspondence and Travel and offers the enthusiastic and compassionate Perspective of one relatively new to the Field. Urania, daughter of Anna’s shining coast, devotes herself to the Delight and Instruction of the nation’s Youth and to the boundless Joy of seeking things that bury’d lye. Such personages offer their Experience, liberal Genius, extensive and diverse Knowledge, and flatter themselves that they might be both Useful and Entertaining to the Academic who finds her or himself in Quandaries personal, public, or otherwise. Such Essays and Queries as are presented to these Ladies and myself will be generally discussed and replied to with a single Mouthpiece under the auspices of Ask Aphra.

Please send your Inquiries, dealing with the academic profession in all matters personal, research, teaching, service related, or otherwise connected in the Field, to Aphra adores Universal Communication and encourages her wider Readership to comment upon the questions and Advice given (do see comment boxes below established for your correspondence convenience). However, those who indulge in Scandal Sheets shall not be tolerated! Pith, wit, and economy are delighted in. Scandal and Gossip are shown only by those who indulge in Cards and Chocolate to excess!

Aphra Behn

Aphra Behn

Aphra Behn is a pseudonym for ABOPublic. This is not the real Aphra Behn—she died in 1688, and the world hasn't been the same since!
Aphra Behn

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