Additional Guidelines for Contributors to The Eighteenth Century in Popular Culture

When appropriate, contributors working on popular culture should adhere to the following additional guidelines:


  1. Include both actors’ and characters’ names in the body of the contribution
  2. Include network/production company and time/date of showing at the bottom of the review, e.g. “Outlander airs on Sundays 9 PM Eastern on Starz”
  3. Include, if possible, words relating to fan groups, e.g. ““Heughligans”  for fans of Sam Heughan or “Austenite” for fans of Jane Austen
  4. Include names of writers/directors (especially important for adaptations of existing material to include name of the original author, e.g. Diana Gabaldon for Outlander TV show)


  1. Show/film/book/play’s website if one is set up (external)
  2. Actors’ IMDB or personal website (external)
  3. Author’s website (external)
  4. Production company/network website(s) (external)
  5. Fan site if one exists (external)
  6. If contribution is part of a series, link to previous contribution or other relevant existing contributions on ABOPublic (internal)
  7. Outside reviews/news articles when appropriate (external)
  8. Other links as appropriate (internal and external)

Keywords (Should Be Used in The Body of The Contribution):

  1. Actors’ names
  2. Characters’ names
  3. Author/writer/director name(s)
  4. Network/production company name(s)
  5. Fan group name(s)
  6. Series name
  7. Episode/Installment name
  8. Film/book/play title
  9. Other keywords as appropriate to subject matter, e.g. “race,” “gender,” “women’s history,” etc.

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