Month: May 2015

Elinor’s Song: Sense & Sensibility: A New Musical, Directed by Barbara Gaines


Location: Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Chicago, IL Event Date: April 18-June 14, 2015 (extended) Review Date: April 23, 2015 If the 1990s famously initiated an Austen renaissance in popular culture thanks to the proliferation of successful cinematic adaptations of her works, then it appears that the current decade is attempting a similar phenomenon on stage. At…

Journal Prestige

Aphra Behn
by John Riley (1646-1691)
Wikimedia Commons

Dear Aphra, I am a new assistant professor. Is it better to publish more articles but some of them in less-selective journals, or better to publish fewer articles in more selective journals? Eagerly awaiting your reply, Anxious   My Dear Anxious, Aphra suggests that the answer to this Most Excellent Question has much to do…

Digital Mitford: The Mary Russell Mitford Archive

Mary Russell Mitford Image via Wikipedia

Mary Russell Mitford was an English eighteenth-century novelist and dramatist best known for her work, Our Village: Sketches of Rural Character and Scenery. As of right now, Our Village seems to be the only publication of Mitford’s that’s accessible online. 1)Our Village also accessible online at Project Gutenberg and Here to change that is…

Betsy Austin and Hannah Lewis: Female Entrepreneurs in Jane Austen’s Transatlantic World

Rachel Pringle of Barbadoes (1796) By Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) Royal Collection Trust / © Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, 2015

In our recent article in Modern Philology, “Jane Austen’s Afterlife,” Devoney Looser and I discuss Jane Austen’s literary legacy and its connection through her naval brother with two Barbadian freewomen: Betsy Austin (d. 1848) and Hannah Lewis (c. 1792), two women who ran successful hotels in Bridgetown, Barbados. We describe two newly published letters by…