Month: March 2015

Jo Malone London’s Modern Take on Eighteenth-Century Scent: A Review of Rock the Ages


Eighteenth-century London’s filthy landscape consisted of chamber pots emptied into public streets, dead animals lining doorways, and both human and non-human excrement filling gutters. Sophie Gee vividly describes the scene as “rubbish, ashes, dirt, and excrement washed regularly from the kennels into the Thames,” where the sewers acted as “crude drains that carried effluence from…

The Gate Theatre’s Pride and Prejudice in Hong Kong

Jane Austen
From a drawing by sister Cassandra
December 31, 1872
Wikimedia Commons

The Gate Theatre Company housed in an eighteenth-century building in Dublin, Ireland, associated with the playwrights Samuel Beckett (1906-1989), Harold Pinter (1930-2008), andBrian Friel (b. 1929), has debuted a stage performance of Pride and Prejudice, in English with Chinese subtitles, in Hong Kong at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts Lyric Theatre, which seats…